News: Bedford to Cambridge Preferred Route Option Announced

On 30 January 2020 we announced the preferred route option between Bedford and Cambridge. The preferred route option will link  existing stations in Bedford and Cambridge with communities in Cambourne and the area north of Sandy, south of St Neots. 

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Route option documents

East West Rail: making meaningful connections

East West Rail is creating a new direct connection between Oxford and Cambridge, and beyond. Serving communities across the area, it will bring faster journey times and lower transport costs as well as easing pressure on local roads. 

Improving everyday journeys makes the biggest difference. We're making it easier for you to get from home to work or wherever else life takes you.  

Our mission at the East West Railway Company, is to deliver all of this safely, quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. 

East West Rail: making meaningful connections

Benefits at a glance

Faster and cheaper journeys

East West Rail will provide a quicker, cheaper and more reliable alternative to the current transport options. Find out more about the route

A boost for the local economy

New connections will make the area more commutable, which will open up new job opportunities, support local business and help the economy to grow. 

While the line is being built, there will be jobs and contracts supporting our planning and delivery - and when that's all done there will be jobs operating the railway too. Read more about job opportunities

Improved access to housing

By improving travel locally and across the UK, East West Rail will make it easier to live closer to work and support the creation of new communities. Read more about the benefits

Benefits at a glance

A new and innovative delivery model

At East West Railway Company, our role is to oversee and accelerate delivery of East West Rail. We've been set up to innovate and challenge the status-quo, leading to quicker and more cost-effective project delivery, and an improved experience for passengers and the communities we serve.

We're working closely with Network Rail and the East West Rail Alliance to deliver the Western Section between Oxford and Bedford, while leading the development of the Central section between Bedford and Cambridge.

Learn more about our role and what we do

A new and innovative delivery model

A realistic timeline for delivery

The connection between Oxford and Cambridge is expected to be complete mid 2020s, when construction of the Central Section is planned to finish and trains will run directly between Oxford and Cambridge. This follows the expected completion of the Western Section, with the first services expected to start running by the end of 2023. 

These dates have been agreed between the East West Railway Company and the Department for Transport, but we are doing everything we can to safely accelerate planning and construction timelines to bring new services online sooner.

If, as the project progresses, it becomes necessary to change our delivery dates we will publish changes here. Alternatively, if you'd like regular updates, scroll down and sign up to our newsletter. 

A realistic timeline for delivery

Delivery is underway

East West Rail is being built in phases, which will allow services to start running sooner. Once complete it will create a world class rail link connecting Oxford, Bicester, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Cambridge, and communities in between.



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