We’re creating a railway that works for all the people and places it will serve.

We all benefit from intuitive, safe and simple transport. When services are designed in an inclusive way, the experience is better for everyone. 

Being inclusive means thinking about the ways that different people will use our services, and the different experience that people will have. By thinking about the variety of people who we interact with, such as those who are disabled, those with visible and non-visible conditions or those travelling with children, for example – we’re able to design products and services that can be delivered flexibly, and meet the needs of everyone. 

We’re committed to putting people at the heart of East West Rail right from the start. That’s why we’re always looking at how we maintain a culture that recognises and values inclusivity for our customers, our supply chain, our team, and the communities we serve. 


Our commitments to accessibility and inclusion:

  • We'll make sure that all stages of our project are inclusive, from consultations 
    through to construction and, ultimately, operations. 
  • We'll actively look for ways to make your stations, trains, digital services 
    and experiences inclusive for all. 
  • We'll work with local communities, and consult with user groups, to ensure 
    East West Rail is a railway for everyone. 
  • We'll create a workplace of mutual trust and respect. Our team, our customers 
    and our stakeholders must all feel welcome -- without exception. 
  • We'll set goals, track our progress, and continuously evaluate to ensure that 
    East West Rail is inclusive for all. 

What’s our approach to inclusion?

Through our Inclusion Strategy ‘East West Rail for All’, we‘ll use our commitments (listed above) to build practical guidance that will inform our decision making.

We recognise that we’re at the beginning of this journey and want to continue increasing our understanding of the needs of our communities and customers. We welcome all comments to help shape the path we take.

Our Accessibility Advisory Panel

To help make sure our plans are inclusive from an accessibility perspective, we’re proud to work closely with disabled people from along our route with lived experience of barriers presented by rail travel. Our Accessibility Advisory Panel  support us as we find accessible solutions and make inclusive decisions with a "critical friend" approach.

Find out more

East West Rail - Accessibility Panel Priority Issues

East West Rail - Accessibility Panel Priority Issues

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To discover more about accessibility, inclusion and the Government’s approach to an inclusive transport system, please find further reading available here.