22.09.2023 /

Improving journey times between Bedford and Cambridge

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To mark World Car Free Day, we've shared a short video showing how East West Rail would improve journey times between Bedford and Cambridge.

East West Rail: Improving Journey Times

September 22nd marks World Car Free Day with people and places around the world embracing car-free living. Here at East West Railway Company, we look forward to a future where communities across the East West Rail route won’t have to rely on cars to reach work, family, days out or appointments.

For people travelling between Bedford and Cambridge, current travel choices are far from ideal. A journey from Bedford to Cambridge, which could take just 35 minutes* via East West Rail, currently extends to 75 minutes by car during peak hours, or an astounding 90 minute bus ride – nearly three times as long. 

Driving just eleven miles from Cambourne to the centre of Cambridge in the morning rush hour can take around 50 minutes by bus or up to an hour by car. Travelling from the new East West Rail station in Cambourne could reduce this journey to as little as 15 minutes* – up to 75% quicker than by car. 

Beth West, EWR Co Chief Executive, emphasised:

People in Bedford tell me they’re fed up with the volume of traffic on the roads and are crying out for greener local transport, which is exactly what EWR will provide. World Car Free Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to imagine a Bedford with less congestion, a revitalised centre and a new, fast way to get around the region.”

*Journey times are projections based on early modelling and are therefore subject to change. More exact calculations will be confirmed at a later date.