Out and about talking East West Rail

Hi there – my name’s Gail and I joined East West Railway Company just a couple months ago. Given that the recent community events were only around the corner when I started, you could say I had to hit the ground running. But, I’ve loved every second so far – especially getting to meet people from our local communities.

We received excellent engagement during our 2021 non-statutory consultation, and it’s important we consider each response carefully before the next stages of EWR are announced. Whilst we work our way through the consultation feedback, the team here have been eager to meet people outside of the formal consultation process. Although there’s no new information currently available, people have really appreciated talking with us about our proposals and, given that not everyone is online, it was a great to be back in the room now that restrictions have lifted. 

We started the drop-in sessions in Bedfordshire back on the 18th May, and during the past nine weeks we’ve managed to meet over 900 people across nine community events with another one still to go. The drop-in events have provided an opportunity for communities to learn about the project, ask questions and help us get to know each other a bit better. On a personal level, it’s given me a greater understanding of how best to stay in touch with the people EWR will serve. Following conversations during these events, we’ve already started looking at alternative ways of communicating based on feedback so far.

It's been a real pleasure talking with people and I’d encourage anyone wanting to learn about EWR to visit our website and community hub where you can sign up to our newsletter which will keep you up to speed on future events. 

Due to the extreme weather warning issued by the Met Office, we were unable to hold the Haslingfield event on 19 July. I’m pleased to confirm that we now have a new date for this event and look forward to seeing you there on Friday 9 September, 2pm-8pm at Haslingfield Village Hall. To find out more about our event in Haslingfield, click here

If you’ve managed to make it along to one of our drop-in events already, then we’d love to hear what you thought by completing this short survey.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon.