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EWR: Bicester to Bletchley

East West Rail is a valuable rail infrastructure project for the region. It aims to deliver vital transport connections for communities between Oxford and Cambridge, providing people with faster journeys and more affordable travel. Connecting them to the things that matter most.

From Bicester to Bletchley we need to reconstruct the old Varsity Line. Construction of this section is being carried out by the East West Rail Alliance, which we are overseeing. Once constructed, communities will benefit from services running from Oxford to Bletchley, with extended services from Bedford to Cambridge once the project is completed.


Construction underway 2

Construction is underway from Bicester to Bletchley

East West Rail Alliance engineers are making solid progress as they continue constructing the section of East West Rail from Bicester to Bletchley. Work in the coming years will include:

  • Constructing and restoring structures, including a new station at Winslow, new high-level platforms at Bletchley station, refurbishments, reconstruction and general repairs to existing infrastructure. This includes refurbishment of the Bletchley Flyover.
  • Making railway crossings safer by replacing structures and diverting or closing highway, foot and field crossings
  • Upgrading track, including doubling track and upgrading infrastructure from Bicester to Bletchley
  • Installing new and upgraded signalling and cabling
  • Clearing overgrown vegetation, including removing overgrown vegetation predominantly along the railway corridor

For all the latest works updates please visit the Network Rail website

Local benefits

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New stations and services from Bicester from Bletchley

A brand new station will be built at Winslow and Bletchley station will be revamped. Providing vital connectivity for local communities.

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Cheaper and easier travel

With new services and stations from Bicester to Bletchley, we aim to make travel quicker and cheaper for all.

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Jobs and growth

By connecting science parks, universities and industry, we’ll provide access to new opportunities.

Services will be introduced in three connection stages

We’ve designed the delivery of this project with the community in mind. Ensuring minimal disruption, while making sure the services are reliable from the start. All to provide the best value for the taxpayer.

We’ve since been looking at ways to deliver East West Rail (from Bicester to Bletchley and beyond) by planning with communities at heart, discussing ways to eliminate, minimise or mitigate disruption. 

To achieve this, we will be introducing services in three connection stages. Read more about them below, or watch our helpful video. 



Connection stages

    Following confirmation of funding in the 2020 Spending Review, construction is underway of the section between Bicester and Bletchley, delivered through the East West Rail Alliance. This will allow us to run trains from Oxford to Milton Keynes by 2025 (Connection Stage 1).

    Delivering a reliable service for passengers is our top priority, and we are working with government to deliver the full Oxford-Milton Keynes connection from day one.  We may though need to introduce the service to Bletchley first, and then extend to Milton Keynes as soon as we are satisfied it will be reliable for our customers.

    Upgrades to Bletchley station have already begun, and a brand-new station will be built for communities at Winslow.

    We are also working on a costed plan to run a reliable service from Aylesbury, so we can make the best possible case for Government to confirm that upgrade too.

    After the Oxford to Bletchley/Milton Keynes connection is delivered, the next stage of East West Rail will see trains run from Oxford all the way to Bedford. Bedford station will be completely remodelled to support this.

    The existing train line between Bletchley and Bedford will also need a significant upgrade, both to enable trains to reach Bedford, and so that trains can eventually run all the way to Cambridge

    We are looking at different options to do this while minimising disruption. We will bring these options to the community through a consultation in early 2021.

    After the Oxford to Bedford Connection is delivered, in the final stage of East West Rail services will run all the way from Oxford through to Cambridge, via Bedford.

    We will be presenting options for the section between Bedford and Cambridge in a public consultation early in 2021.

    Following consultation we will work with Government to unlock the next stage of funding to progress the project.

Bicester to Bletchley Gallery

Bicester fringe

Bicester - Plant and Track

Bicester fringe 2

Bicester - View of track from Jarvis Lane Footbridge

Station Road Launton 2

Works showing the new road bridge that will go over the railway line at Station Road, Launton to replace the level crossing

Station Road Launton 1

Works showing the new road bridge that will go over the railway line at Station Road, Launton to replace the level crossing


Alliance Engineers visiting the site at Station Road, Launton’

East West Rail's Role

At East West Railway Company our role is to oversee construction of the project from Oxford to Bletchley - which is now underway. We're also designing the section of railway from Bletchley to Cambridge. 

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Questions about how you may be affected?

The East West Rail Alliance are delivering this section of the railway, with our oversight. For day-to-day enquiries about the work and how you might be affected, please contact: