At EWR Co we are committing our commutes for vulnerable children

Railway Children is an international children's charity working with street children in India, East Africa and the UK, fighting the corner of some of the world’s most vulnerable children who live alone and are at risk on the streets.

The UK’s railway industry is a massive supporter of Railway Children and last year some members of our team at East West Railway Company (EWR Co) took on the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for the charity.

This year Covid-19 has meant things are very different; for children who were already vulnerable, the pandemic has caused devastation that will be felt for generations to come, making the need to raise funds even more urgent.

It’s also meant the charity has had to go online with their Rail Aid annual fundraising campaign. The Railway Children charity’s annual ball is now a week of virtual events to raise vital funds, and we are right there with them.

The team at East West Railway Company has opted to collectively commit the money we’ve saved on our daily or weekly commute, aiming to raise over £1,000.

And we’ll be joining the Rail Aid fun online this week beginning 22 November, including Tuesday's Rail Aid Bingo, Wednesday’s rail quiz, Thursday’s auction, and Friday’s Rail Aid Live, the big entertainment and appeal show. You can find out more and donate to this fantastic charity on the Rail Aid website

At EWR Co we’re delighted to be joining forces with our friends, colleagues and peers in the rail industry for this worthy cause. Happy Rail Aid Week, everyone!