24.11.2021 / Company News

Meet Georgina Taylor - Head of Customer Service Delivery

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We’d like to introduce you to Georgina Taylor, Head of Customer Service Delivery at EWR Co. Georgina leads our work to create a fantastic experience for everyone using East West Rail.

 Georgina joined EWR Co earlier this year and has a background in aviation, service, logistics and operations. Having previously led operations at Virgin Atlantic UK Regional Airports and Havana Airport, Georgina brings a fresh perspective to our plans for customer experience on EWR.

We asked Georgina to explain what’s involved in heading up customer service delivery at EWR Co:

Part of my job is to oversee the design of our stations and train interiors, so they are welcoming and easy for everyone to use. We’re thinking about how people move around the spaces and the kind of facilities and information people need at every stage of the journey. At its core, my role involves translating EWR Co’s customer vision into something tangible – overseeing the development of the end product that customers will experience. This can include anything (and everything) from developing training programmes for colleagues, recruitment planning and design, and working closely with colleagues at EWR Co to ensure we deliver service in a better way than we've previously seen in the railway industry.”

We asked Georgina how the way EWR Co think about customers will become apparent to people using EWR services for their journeys:

 “Our customer vision for EWR: trusted travel for all, simple, intuitive and fresh. We believe that every customer has two types of need during a journey: functional and emotional. Our customer vision identifies the functional parts of your journey that could be made simpler and more accurate by automation, as an example, such as buying a ticket or checking to see if you’re in the right place for your train. We’re working on a wide range of initiatives to embed a customer service-led approach in the way our colleagues work across the whole route.

“By using a different perspective, we can implement principles more commonly found in the hospitality industry, where being intuitive and anticipating people’s needs are second nature.

“Ultimately, our vision is for people to want to travel with us and see EWR as accessible, inclusive and easy to travel with. We look forward to welcoming everyone onboard.”


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