Healthy Connections

Our NHS was founded 74 years ago, by the forward-thinking Aneurin Bevan. His pioneering vision was for healthcare to be provided free at the point of delivery, for everyone in Great Britain. This was fiercely contested by many and the bill was fought at every stage in the house of commons. But 74 years on, these brave ideas transformed the lives of generations. They set the course for how we think about health and wellbeing today.

This year, to mark the NHS’s birthday we wanted to share how we’re planning to play our own small part in connecting our communities to healthcare services in the region. Once up and running our services will connect people with hospitals, providing crucial connections to healthcare services and opening up better access to employment opportunities. Our ambition is to provide an improved quality of life for all.

Naomi Pharmacist stood outside hospital in Cambridge

Innovation in life sciences is one of many exports our region is celebrated for. We’re home to two of the world’s leading universities, five world-renowned research institutes, the UK’s two largest pharmaceutical businesses and over six hundred biotech companies. It’s in our DNA.

Key NHS connections across the proposed East West Rail route

It was our region’s own Oxford University and AstraZeneca that delivered the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine.

And our healthcare services are only stronger from being positioned within touching distance of these clusters – sharing ideas and resources. Improving connectivity will be a catalyst for further collaboration, hopefully leading to many more medical breakthroughs that solve the big problems we face. All this will help create economic growth and social value, unlocking a prosperous future for communities and improving lives for generations to come.

Our NHS is a cornerstone of British existence, and it’s hard to imagine a world without it. So thank you Mr Bevan, your peers and every single person who’s made, and continues to make, the NHS what it is today. From doctors to dentists, and porters to paramedics – we salute you.

Noted NHS Locations

Oxford: City Community Hospital Fulbrook Centre Churchill Hospital, Luther Street Medical Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, King Edward Street Medical Practice, Jericho Health Centre. Bicester: Bicester community hospital, The Health Centre, Montgomery-House Surgery, Damira Bicester dental practice. Winslow: Winslow Health Centre, Norden House Surgery. Aylesbury: Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury Aspire Dental Care Elmhurst Health Centre, Poplar Grove Practice, Oakfield Surgery. Milton Keynes: Milton Keynes University Hospital, Central Milton Keynes Medical Centre, Milton Keynes Hospital Walk-in Centre, No. 624 iCaSH, Milton Keynes Community Health Services, Fishermead Medical Center.


Bletchley: Bletchley Dental Practice, Water Eaton Health Centre, Bletchley Community Hospital, Whaddon Medical Centre. Woburn Sands: Woburn Sands Dental Practice, Asplands Medical Centre. Bedford: Bedford Hospital, Gilbert Hitchcock House, Cauldwell medical centre, Bedford house dental practice. St. Neots South: St Neots Health Centre, Dumbelton Medical Centre, Cambridge Street Dental Practice. Cambourne: Monkfield Medical Practice, Cambourne Dental Clinic. Cambridge South: Addenbrookes Hospital, Rosie Hospital Robinson, Royal Papworth. Cambridge: Brookfields Hospital, The City Centre Medical Practice.

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