We know you want to be paid as quickly as possible. To minimise payment delays please follow these guidelines as non-compliant invoices will be rejected and sent back to suppliers to be corrected and resubmitted.

Every time:

  • State your company name and contact details, including your address, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc on each invoice
  • State your bank details
  • The EWR Purchase Order number that you were issued with
  • The date the goods / services were provided
  • The quantity, pricing and description of the goods / services, which are consistent with the Purchase Order document
  • The address to where the goods and services were dispatched and retain proof of delivery if relevant
  • Your EWR Business Contact whenever possible
  • The invoice date / tax point and ensure that it is within 48 hours of emailing the invoice to EWR
  • Address your invoice / credit note correctly to EWR as detailed on the Purchase Order
  • Submit valid VAT invoices (unless you are not registered for VAT) and clearly detail VAT rates for each line items if they differ
  • Format all documents as a clearly readable pdf
  • Attach each invoice / credit note as a separate attachment and try to include supporting documents within the pdf i.e. one single document
  • Ensure there are no more than 10 documents attached to each email
  • Ensure Credit Notes include an identifiable Invoice and Purchase Order they relate to
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  • Accept a request for goods or services to be supplied without having received a valid EWR Purchase Order document from us
  • Submit your invoice unless you have a valid Purchase Order number
  • Accept a verbal communication of Purchase Order number as this does not guarantee that the Purchase Order is activated for use
  • Send invoices to any other email address or postal address other than that stipulated as the ‘Invoice To’ on the Purchase Order Document - [email protected]
  • Use prices, quantities or descriptions that differ to those stated on the Purchase Order
  • Submit invoices which in total are in excess of the Purchase Order value – please monitor total capacity if using a Purchase Order multiple times
  • Accumulate invoices – send them in as soon as you can to [email protected]

If you have any queries please contact [email protected].