As the project continues to develop, you’ll see our surveyors out and about between Bedford and Cambridge over the coming months as we start our ground investigation works. These important surveys will tell us more about the soil properties, rocks and groundwater below the surface and any areas of archaeological interest to help us take our designs to the next stage. 

Now we’ve published our Route Update Announcement, our engineers and design teams are developing options and solutions for the structures we need to build, such as bridges and tunnels, road and river diversions, cuttings, and embankments. The data we collect during the surveys will provide us with crucial information about the ground conditions across the proposed route and will inform the design of the project as it progresses. On projects such as East West Rail the most common reason for significant delays and overspends is unexpected ground conditions. Doing this survey work now will reduce the risk of encountering unexpected ground conditions, ensuring the new railway is constructed safely, efficiently, and representing best value for money for the taxpayer.   

Although these surveys will require us to carry out intrusive work, including digging investigative boreholes, trial pits to investigate soil conditions and ground profile, and archaeological trial trenches we are committed to ensuring any disturbance is kept to a minimum for both landowners and the local community. These investigations will continue to be undertaken as the project progresses towards the Statutory Consultation and Development Consent Order Submission.  

We’ll keep you updated as the surveys progress, both through your Local Representatives Groups and the newsletter.