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Here at East West Railway Company (EWR Co), we’re passionate about hearing what local representatives and their communities think about East West Rail (EWR). It means we can work together as we build a successful project that will deliver shorter journey times, lower transport costs and ease pressure on local roads while bringing people closer to the things that matter most – jobs, friends and family.

We’ve set up 15 Local Representatives Groups in all areas along the route where we will deliver EWR. The Groups include Councillors, Parish and Town Councils, and representatives from EWR Co. They offer an open forum for discussions – a place to share information, ask questions, cover any concerns people might have and get answers. They also allow us to give project updates and understand details of all relevant local issues.

The Groups are just one of the ways local communities can connect with our team through their representatives during all stages of the project, including planning, construction and operation of the railway.

Find out what’s happening in each Group

You can stay up to date with what’s happening in each Group by using the links below. Each Group has its own dedicated site which include agendas, meeting summary notes, Terms of Reference, maps, presentations, and other reference material to support the meetings.

Route Update Announcement Webinar

On Friday 26 May, Beth West, Chief Executive Officer at East West Rail Company, hosted a briefing for LRG members and stakeholders providing an overview of the Route Update Announcement. 

You can find Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Q&A from the stakeholder webinar in the documents section of this page.


Watch video

LRG Topics

Please find a full list of topics which have been presented to local representative group at the bottom of this page, under the documents section. Please note that many of these topics were presented prior to the route update announcement in May 2023.

Please contact us at [email protected] to request alternative topics.

Documents, maps & LRG topics

  • Accessibility & Inclusion
  • Active Travel and Door to Door Connectivity
  • Bridges and Level Crossings
  • Business Case Process
  • Compulsory Purchase
  • Controlling Environmental Impact during Construction
  • DCO Process
  • Defining Net Zero
  • EIA
  • Freight
  • Landowner Engagement
  • Need to Sell
  • Route Wide Map
  • Stakeholder Webinar Q&A Part 1
  • Stakeholder Webinar Q&A Part 2
  • Stakeholder Webinar Q&A Part 3
  • Social Value in CS1
  • Station Customer Experience
  • Traction Strategy and Rolling Stock
  • Winslow Station Design
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Get in touch

To get in touch with your Local Representatives Groups Engagement Manager, Sarah Jacobs, email us at [email protected].