We're committed to achieving excellent environmental and sustainability outcomes

Our sustainability vision

The delivery of a new rail line between Oxford and Cambridge will not only connect communities with jobs and services in a sustainable way - it also provides an opportunity to leave a positive legacy for the area. 

And legacy is at the heart of sustainability – it's about making sure that we meet our needs today, while protecting the opportunity for future generations to meet theirs.

That's why sustainability is a core focus for us during the various planning and design phases of the East West Rail, and will continue to underpin our work during delivery.

We’re committed to delivering a project that demonstrates excellence in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Read more about our environmental principles.

Our environmental principles

Putting our vision into action

Environment first

We’re committed to protecting the environment by finding approaches to delivery that avoid, minimise or mitigate environmental impacts.

To help shape this work, we're listening to and working closely with community groups, environmental bodies and local highway and planning authorities. 

As the scheme progresses this work will naturally grow and evolve, and we'll keep you up to date on our progress along the way. 

Biodiversity net gain

The East West Rail Central section between Bedford and Cambridge supports the government’s policy on biodiversity net gain, which seeks to reduce impacts on species and create and enhance habitats. More detailed information about this will be available both when we consult on route options and when a preferred route is chosen. 



Putting our vision into action