Access to land and property

As East West Rail progresses, we will need to survey land

Our project, to create a new East West Rail line, will go through a number of phases. To help us develop the project, we need to survey the land in the broad area around it.

These surveys will help us design the railway so we can deliver transport connections in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way and help us to design appropriate ways to mitigate any negative impacts of the railway. They'll also help us to understand the environmental conditions of the area including things like the plant and animal species living nearby, the environmental features like rivers and streams, and the historical features present.

As East West Rail progresses, we will need to survey land

What do landowners and occupiers need to know?

We will be surveying in a wider area than we will eventually need for the project. The fact that we are carrying out surveys on a particular piece of land does not necessarily mean we will need to use it in the future. Once we have identified land required for the project we will consult the affected landowners.

Throughout 2020 we have been in touch with a number of landowners and occupiers, asking for agreement to undertake surveys on their land. Most recently, we wrote to landowners and occupiers in mid-November 2020

If you have received a letter our colleagues will be in touch soon to follow up. If you’d like to talk to the team in the meantime with any questions or comments, we’ve be very happy to talk to you:


What do landowners and occupiers need to know?

Our commitments to landowners and occupiers

Underpinning this is our eight commitments to impacted landowners and occupiers:

  1. We will treat you, your land, property and personal data, and third parties acting for you with respect

  2. We will make the Health and Safety of you, your community and our workforce a priority

  3. We will work collaboratively with you and any third parties acting on your behalf

  4. We will discuss each activity with you, so we understand and manage the impacts to you

  5. We will keep potential damage and disruption to the minimum required to deliver the railway

  6. We will make good any physical damage caused through our activities

  7. We will make all payments and compensation due to you on time

  8. We will assign a dedicated Land Access Manager to you so you always have a way to contact us

Further information about these commitments, and our approach to land more broadly can be read in our land principles fact sheet

Our commitments to landowners and occupiers

Key documents

In mid-November 2020 we updated our key documents, which includes a guide that explains the type of surveys that are happening at the moment, along with a Survey Access Agreement and associated forms. These key documents are found below, and replace the previous versions (4.2MB) from earlier in the year.

The following documents were also enclosed with letters we recently sent to landowners:

If you have any questions about these documents, or if you would like us to send you physical copies, please get in touch with the team:

Land surveys: key documents