Active travel aims to connect you with your railway and make end-to-end journeys as easy as possible.

We know that the train is just one part of your journey. That’s why we’re working with local communities and organisations to make sure, however you choose to get to and from the station, it’s as easy as possible – we call it active travel.

Options for active travel along the EWR route could include new and improved walking and cycling routes, new or altered bus services and on-demand services that could provide a door-to-door service between the station and a customer’s final destination, timed to connect with the train service.

The details of the options we develop will be consulted on at our next Statutory Consultation.

Bus at crossing

We're focusing on four key areas

Planning – so that we minimise or avoid any negative impacts on active travel modes and the landscape.

First mile, last mile – encouraging people to choose active travel to and from the station.

Active travel – creating new opportunities to cycle, walk and run to and from the station.

Identifying best practice – so we can learn from and share good examples of active travel from elsewhere.

What we've done so far

In 2020, we talked with active travel organisations to understand the needs and priorities of customers. This really helped us to form an idea about potential active travel for stations between Bedford and Cambridge.

For stations along the Marston Vale Line, we co-commissioned a study with England’s Economic Heartland to identify what’s needed to improve connectivity to and from the stations, and to improve end-to-end journey times and experiences. This will inform the next stages of station design.

Bike racks at a station

What we're doing next

    Comprehensive planning work for each of the stations/local areas in the subsequent design stages, in collaboration with local planning authorities.

    Considering local connectivity issues to create better travel connections and make sustainable journeys easier.

    Supporting integrated journeys by providing a booking system and fare structure that will enable people to book end-to-end journeys using multiple modes of transport and pay in a single transaction.

    Conducting research to inform conversations with stakeholders and communities, and to guide the design of stations to encourage active travel.

    Working with organisations such as bike hire schemes and local transport providers to explore emerging trends in active travel and understand how communities can benefit.

    Making sure the designs we put in place are affordable and represent the best value for the taxpayer.

Delivery of East West Rail is underway