Engaging with communities since our route update announcement

Portrait shot of Gail Buckland EWR Community Engagement Manager

Talking to local communities and listening to people’s feedback and questions is at the heart of our work at East West Rail. I’m a strong believer in community involvement and I know individual residents, neighbourhoods, communities and businesses will have questions about how the proposals affect them.

So, in response to our latest route update announcement, we’ve developed a set of extra resources to make sure we’re answering your questions, concerns and giving you all the information you need.

'Your questions answered' video series: we’re excited to introduce a new video series featuring our Project team. In these videos, we directly respond to the most prominent questions we’ve received since we released our updated proposals.

Our explainer animations: to provide people with an alternative way of understanding some of the content from our recent route update, we’ve created animated videos. The animations delve into the decision-making process and look at the reasons behind our proposed route alignment.

Factsheets: take a look at our range of factsheets exploring key issues related to the Project. These factsheets cover topics such as freight, the power supply for EWR, and specific proposals for Bedford. 

A picture of people walking into the East West Rail community event held in Bedford.

Meeting communities face to face

Your input is incredibly important to us – and to the success of the East West Rail project. We understand that the updated proposals may have a significant impact on your lives, and we want to make sure your voices are heard.

So we’ve organised a series of public drop-in events throughout June and July along the entire route between Oxford and Cambridge. The sessions are open to everyone and offer a chance to meet us face to face. The team will be there to discuss the updated proposals and answer your questions. I’d encourage anyone to come along, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

You’ll have the opportunity to take away our factsheets, which will provide you with comprehensive information and address your specific interests.

For more information about the drop-in sessions, including dates, times, and locations, please visit our community events page at https://communityhub.eastwestrail.co.uk/community-events.

Next steps

We want to shape a railway that positively impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, supporting economic growth and stronger community connections.

These events aim to create opportunities for you to engage with our team, understand the proposals better and voice your concerns. But it’s important to note that these events aren’t part of the statutory public consultation, which will include even more detailed proposals, and we expect this to take place in the first half of 2024.

If you have any specific concerns or need further information, please reach out to us at [email protected]