Meet our new Community Engagement Manager for EWR Co

It’s our passion to put you and your community right at the heart of all we do here at EWR Co. We’d like to introduce you to our new Community Engagement Manager, Claire Keith-Anderson.

Claire will develop the new online hub and seek to connect in innovative ways with local people, particularly communities who may not have traditionally got involved with the development of the new railway so far. She said:

We’re looking forward to welcoming residents all the way from Oxford, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Cambridge and the communities in between, to this new online space; and we want everyone to play a part in bringing forward a new sustainable railway connection that will help to secure the future prosperity of the whole area.

Over the past few months, due to Covid, we haven’t been able to be out and about, talking face-to-face with local people. I know this has been disappointing for our team, so we’ve invested our time and energy thinking about ways to reach out and listen to communities across the area whatever else is going on in the world. The Hub is a really innovative and exciting place for people to share information and ideas. 

Please engage with us via our Community Hub, and pass on the message about the Hub by forwarding ‘Keeping you connected’ to your friends, neighbours and the wider community. Thank you - we’re looking forward to hearing from you all.


 This article featured in the Autumn edition of our quarterly newsletter, Keeping you Connected. You can read the full newsletter here.